CMA Connections

What is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?
A CMA is recognized by industry and academia as an expert in the integration of accounting, management, and strategy. There are approximately 50,000 members in Canada and 25,000 members throughout Ontario. CMA’s don’t just measure value, they create it using key indicators coupled with proven methods. An effective CMA helps to grow successful businesses by combining and applying innovative thinking, strategic insight, and financial expertise. They provide perspectives into business decision making and implement the best management practices.

A skilled CMA analyzes and applies finance operations, sales and marketing, information and technology, and human resources skills in order to identify new business opportunities. They ensure accountability and help organizations to maintain long-term competitive advantages. A successful CMA connects and integrates strategy with operations and anticipates customer and supplier needs. CMA’s are equipped to look at the future to provide real-world business management, strategic direction, and leadership.

Why CMA’s are different? What Financial Navigators Doesn’t Do: At Financial Navigators, our team will stay up to date...
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